Beautiful Experiences to enjoy in Bikaner


Rajasthan is home to well-known cities such as Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, now it’s time to go beyond these mainstreams and explore the unique city Bikaner where you will feel like you have entered the cultural paradise. Travellers can enjoy camel rides, attend camel festival, explore countless temples in this beautiful city. So, plan a trip to this wonderful city of camels soon and take advantage of all the offbeat experiences and fun activities you can enjoy in Bikaner.

Be a Part of the Bikaner Camel Festival

Imagine camels decorated and dressed traditionally, playing camel games and people enjoying fun activities at the fair. If this sounds interesting to you, you should attend one of the most unique festivals of India in Bikaner where cultural activities, camel games, live dance and music folk performances are held to entertain the audience. Tourists can enjoy camel rides, do shopping at nearby stalls and indulge in a number of exciting activities. If you are visiting Bikaner in January, it is a must to attend this camel festival for a fun experience.

Enjoy Camping under the Stars

Bikaner has many camping sites where people can do a desert safari, enjoy live dance performances and enjoy camping in a peaceful ambience. Camping under the stars, having deep conversations with someone special, lying down and gazing at the stars is an experience you don’t come across every day and it will make you realize how beautiful life is. While camping, you can also relish delicious Rajasthani homemade meals. Surprise your partner with a stay in a desert and experience magical moments together.

Explore Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata temple is a major tourist attraction in Bikaner because of its interesting history and beliefs. It’s also a temple of rats as thousands of rats are seen roaming around, eating food and drinking milk given by devotees and priests. This temple is not popular because of its architecture or location but because of rats that make it a unique destination to visit in Bikaner. If you are not scared of rats, come and witness this amazing spectacle and seek goddess Karni blessings.

Enjoy mouth-watering local food in Bikaner

Bikaner is full of sweet treats and delicious snacks that will make you happy with its authentic flavours because good food means a good mood. You will find many cafes, restaurants, roadside eateries across the city that serve local and Indian food. For a true gastronomic experience, one must try Raj Kachori, Gheavar, Rajasthani thali.

Go on a heritage walk around Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort is an impressive monument made of marble and red stones. Its beautiful mirror work and architectural style will leave you amazed. Your trip to Bikaner will only be complete if you witness this grand palace. After exploring the fort, you should also take a walk around the fort and explore balconies, windows and ancient style houses. 

When in Bikaner, never say no to these amazing experiences and enjoy every bit of them. Have a  relaxing yet exciting journey!

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